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Tentative Agreements

Please take the time to review the full tentative agreement, as well as the supplemental materials below, prior to voting.

A PowerPoint presentation summarizing the tentative agreement is available to view here: 

A recording of the Dec. 12 Zoom call with the bargaining committee is available to view here.

Note: Articles 2, 11, 31, 33, and 35 are not missing, but unchanged from the current contract.

Letter of Agreement - Signing Bonus

Implementation Agreement

Article 1 - Purpose of Agreement

Article 3 - Recognition and Scope

Article 4 - Groups and Classification

Article 5 - Hours of Service

Article 6 - Overtime

Article 7 - Reservation Overtime

Article 8 - Seniority

Article 9 - Filling of Vacancies

Article 10 - Temporary Employees

Article 12 - Reductions in Force

Article 13 - Voluntary Furlough

Article 14 - Recall

Article 15 - Furlough Benefits

Article 16 - Medical Examinations

Article 17 - Leaves of Absence 

Article 18 - Sick Leave

Article 19 - Holiday Vacation

Article 20 - Vacations

Article 21 - Limited Duty

Article 22 - Probation

Article 23 - Uniforms

Article 24 - Shift Definitions and Premiums

Article 25 - Grievance Procedure

Article 26 - System Boards of Adjustment

Article 27 - Insurance, Retirement, and Other Benefits

Article 28 - Retirement Plan

Article 29 - Training, Travel Pay and Meal Per Diem

Article 30 - Safety and Health

Article 32 - Call Monitoring

Article 34 - General and Miscellaneous

Article 36 - Compensation

Article 37 - Duration

Article - Security Identification Display Area (SIDA)

Article - Profit Sharing

Wage Rates

2024 Wage Rates under the American Airlines Passenger Service Tentative Agreement with the CWA-IBT Association

Please enter your job title and years of service to see the new wage rates you will be paid in 2024 under the tentative agreement reached between the CWA-IBT Association and American Airlines covering passenger service members.

Note: Depending on your state's living wage law, you will be covered by the law until your contract rate is greater than the minimum wage rate.

How do I know how many years of completed service I have?

If you have not yet worked for the company for 12 months then you do not have 1 year of completed service, and you should choose "Less than 1" to find your wage estimate.

If you have worked for the company for more than 12 months but less than 24 months, then you have 1 year of service and you should choose "1" to find your wage estimate. For example, if you started with the company on June 1, 2017, then you've worked 20 months and you have 1 year of service.

If you've worked for more than 24 months, but less than 36 months, then you have 2 years of service and you should choose "2" to find your wage estimate. For example, if you started with the company on September 15, 2019, then you've worked 28 months as of January 14, 2023, and therefore have 2 years of completed service.