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WARN Act Notifications Do NOT Mean Furloughs Are Definite

American Airlines has informed the CWA/IBT Association that it will be sending Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notifications, or WARN Act notifications, to CWA/IBT Association-covered employees.

This notice, which is required by law, will contain information indicating that American Airlines may furlough employees. This does not mean you will be furloughed. This is a legal requirement that American is taking to preserve their options in the future.

No furloughs have been agreed upon with our union. American is still hoping to use voluntary options to avoid furloughs. The CWA/IBT Association is exploring with the airline the ability of members to do work that does not violate our or any other collective bargaining agreement, but which is not typically done by agents, in order to help preserve work for our members.

We need your help to save jobs. Later this week, your local union will contact you with information about how you can help persuade Congress to extend the CARES Act past October, which would save many jobs.

In the meantime, we will share additional information as it becomes available.