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Tentative Agreement FAQ

Below is a fact sheet of frequently asked questions regarding the tentative agreement.

Please consult the full tentative agreement for exact language.

What will my new wage be?

To calculate your exact new wage, enter your information into the wage rate calculator at the bottom of this page.

Wage scales under the tentative agreement are viewable on page 4 at

There is an immediate wage increase to the top rates in the industry.  In 2024 there is a raise at the date of signing (January 8th) and another raise in May. Any agents still in progress on the scale will also receive a raise on their anniversary date. The contract includes 3 percent raises every May throughout the life of the five year contract. The tentative agreement also includes a signing bonus totaling $200 per completed year of service with a minimum of payout of $1,000 for each employee. Assuming the tentative agreement is ratified, eligible bargaining unit members will receive their signing bonus as soon as practicable, but no later than 75 days following the date of signing of a ratified tentative agreement. Agents on a medical leave can receive the bonus if they return within a year and stay on the payroll until payout which can be up to 60 days.

Are part-time employees eligible for the additional sixth week of vacation after 29 years of service?

Yes.  Part-time and Full-time employees are eligible for the sixth week of vacation. 

Does the tentative agreement include profit sharing?

Yes. A chart comparison is available to view on page 20 at is an increase to the profit sharing now in place. If ratified you would be paid out on this increase in 2025

Does the agreement include an increase in 401K?

Yes. The new TA calls for a direct employer contribution of 5%, which requires no employee contribution, plus a dollar-for-dollar match on employees 401(k) contributions up to 4%, for a maximum employer contribution of 9%. View chart on page 17 at

Does the tentative agreement address the 75 mile radius?

The bargaining committee fought hard to raise the concerns of members at the bargaining table.  The 75 mile radius is maintained under the same conditions that apply now. Ex: INT is 75 miles from the Winston office, Miami office is 75 miles from the MIA airport . 

Are there any adjustments to shift differential?

Shift differential remains the same. However, there are improvements to overtime pay. mandatory overtime paid at 1.5x pay or 2x for second and subsequent consecutive days, regardless of part-time/full time status. No hourly qualifiers apply, if you work you will be paid the appropriate rate.

Is my job protected?

Yes. The tentative agreement contains a no furlough clause for all members on the seniority list at the date of signing and no station outsourcing for the life of the agreement.

Other improvements include:

  • HBRs will be paid the same as OBRs.
  • Pay when you are bypassed for overtime.
  • Sick bank max increased to 1,600 hours from 1,400.
  • Enhanced sick bank payout at retirement.
  • Recall right extended to 10 years from five. 
  • Five minute briefing for res agents. 
  • New overtime procedure for res, no future day mando. 
  • Eliminate the HBR cap.
  • Res offices protected for life of contract.
  • Small airport locations under 35 protected for life of contract. 
  • New method for outsourcing of res call now limited to 10% with an adjustment if the company goes over.
  • Res agents will be trained and qualified to do chat work. The formula is based on a percentage of the vendors doing the work. 
  • Increase trade flexibility 
    • Reservations 30 minute notice prior to trade
    • Trades allowed between desks system wide 
    • Airports 6pm trade deadline from 4pm
  • System transfer by seniority. 
  • Increased per diem rates.
  • Increase CSA premium to $3.00. Vacation desk Premium of $1.00.
  • Improved language for QSB grievance. 
  • Improved language regarding management doing work at airports only when an agent is not readily available.
  • Improved language to provide all training to be done on company time.