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Supporting Our Sisters and Brothers at Delta

Thousands of Flight Attendants at Delta Air Lines are fighting to join our CWA family by becoming members of AFA-CWA. 

Delta is the industry’s most profitable airline, and at this point management retains full control of flight attendants’ pay, benefits, and working conditions. Delta flight attendants have no voice at work and no seat at the table when the company plans for the future. Their lack of power undermines CWA members at other airlines as well, undercutting our efforts to achieve proper staffing, rest, job security, and safety standards for all airline employees.

An MIT study of flight attendants’ total compensation found that, on average, Delta flight attendants made $14,000 less last year than United flight attendants, and Delta pays $100 million less per year than United for flight attendant costs in the same size operation. 

As passenger service agent members of CWA, we support Delta flight attendants in their fight for a voice on the job.

Visit to learn more about how you can support Delta flight attendants.