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Members in Action in North Carolina

20 Apr, 2018

On Wednesday, April 18, CWA Local 3640 celebrated Agent Appreciation Day.

[caption caption="Member Appreciation Day in NC" align="right"]

The Executive Board served pizza and handed out red t-shirts to members in Winston-Salem, NC. District 3 Vice President Richard Honeycutt and CWA representatives Marge Krueger and Vonda Hardy were on hand to listen to members’ suggestions and concerns and answer questions.

Back in January, when CWA members across the country took to the streets to call on AT&T to end offshoring and outsourcing of union jobs, members of Local 3640 were proud to join informational picketing in front of a store in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Offshoring is an issue that impacts workers in lots of industries, including mine. Many members of my local are reservation agents who came out of US Airways before the merger with American. We fought hard to bring back hundreds of jobs the company had offshored to foreign countries in 2005. So we’re well aware of the damage that outsourcing can do to communities.

And it wasn't that long ago I was at a bargaining table fighting for fair wages and benefits for our members at American Airlines, and CWA members all across the USA showed their solidarity. That's what it means to be union. We will stand with members at AT&T until they get the fair contract they deserve. That's why we say: one day longer, one day stronger!

[caption caption="Keedren Gantt, Exec VP, Local 3640-Anti-Offshoring Action" align="right"]
[/caption][caption caption="Lisa Zeiset, Area VP, Local 3640-Anti-Offshoring Action" align="left"]
[/caption][caption caption="Tracy Binkley, Local 3640, Anti-Offshoring Action" align="left"]
[/caption][caption caption="Vonda Hardy, Local 3640, Anti-Offshoring Action" align="right"]

[caption caption="Vickey Hoots, Pres, Local 3640, Anti-Offshoring Action" align="left"]


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