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Listen to Envoy Agents' Stories of Poverty Wages at AA

22 Feb, 2018

"Ya'll try coming over here and putting my shoes on, and walking a mile, and tell me if you can make it on $10.96 an hour."

—Nicole Jones
A 9-year veteran passenger service agent

Envoy Airlines passenger service employees are currently at the bargaining table negotiating for an end to poverty wages. Despite soaring profits, American Airlines—of which Envoy is a wholly owned subsidiary—is still paying its Envoy agents so little that many must seek government assistance in order to put food on the table and pay for the necessities for their families. 

Listen to the stories of our brothers and sisters at Envoy below and learn more about their campaign. You can help by signing on to End Poverty Wages at American Airlines.

Deviana's Story: Poverty wages make it almost impossible to pay for rent and transportation to get to work.

Angelica's Story: Barely scraping by, but sharing groceries with co-workers who are struggling even more than she is.

Charlie's Story: Trying to support her children on less than $10 per hour, with food stamps and Medicaid.

Nicole's Story:She's admired for her customer service, but then she goes home and tries to survive on poverty wages.


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