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Important Message for Members

In just 2 days, the Payroll Support Program (PSP) in the CARES Act will expire if Congress does not extend it and stop the furloughs! Call your senators today and urge them to extend the PSP for airline workers. Dial 1-888-966-9836 or click here to be connected with your senators.

In recent days, we've received a lot of questions about the furloughs and how they will be implemented, so we want to explain the process and provide information about transfers and recall rights.

Two months ago, WARN letters were sent to the 2,500 Customer Service employees with the lowest seniority in the system-wide seniority list. The process for Reservations employees ended because there were enough requests for VEOPs and VLOAs to avoid furloughs in those groups. After the airline made the decision to move ahead with the furloughs, the company used staffing models to determine the size of each location. Reduction in Force notices were then sent to the most junior employees based on the company's determination of staffing needs in each location. This was in keeping with Article 12 in our contract, Reduction in Force.

Round 1 of the furlough provides for system displacement, a process that allows furloughed members to choose a location with a vacancy created by employees who chose VEOP. According to Article 12, Section B.2.c, members could displace a junior member in their own station. Once the vacancies were filled, members could displace the most junior employee in the system according to Article 12, Section B.2.b. All the vacancies were not filled for full-time or part-time CSCs, CSAs, and CARs and part-time Premium Guest Service members. Because these vacancies were not filled, no member could displace to a station other than their own.

Round 2 allows the members who were displaced by a senior employee in round 1 to displace using the same process. The vacant positions for the CSA/CSC group and the CAR group were not filled in round two. The vacant positions for the Premium Guest Services Group were filled, and members were permitted to displace the most junior employee in the system. No one chose to displace the most junior employee, so there were no more displacements to other stations.

Round 3 allows the members who were displaced by a senior employee in round 2 to displace using the same process. There are five members in round three who can choose an existing vacancy. They are the least senior members in their stations, so there is no one to displace.

There are many part-time vacancies and a few full-time vacancies in the system that have not been filled for CSA/CSC and CARs. 

The company has determined the necessary staffing in all locations. Now they need to adjust the head count in the stations that have vacancies. This can be done in a number of different ways, and the company has complete control of this process. The company may adjust the mix of full-time and part-time employees, which would result in the rescinding of some RIF notices. They may refuse to give VOLAs in those stations and/or call back VOLAs in those stations. They may also fill those open positions with transfers. 

It is important to understand that members have the right to apply for a transfer at any time. If your transfer is awarded before your furlough is effective you will not have recall rights. If you are awarded a transfer after the furlough is effective you will retain your recall rights.

According to the company, all awards will be communicated by September 30.

Many members have asked about VOLA request that have not been answered yet. The company is still adjusting the staffing in each station, so they are not making decisions on VOLAs until those adjustments are complete.

We will enforce the contract throughout this process in order to protect all members. If you have questions, you may send an email to

Remember, there are TWO DAYS LEFT to stop the furloughs. Call your senators at 1-888-966-9836 and urge them to extend the PSP to save tens of thousands of jobs.