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A Deal Is Possible This Week: KEEP CALLING SENATORS!

Our calls and letters are making a difference. Negotiations continue among Congressional leaders and the White House to reach a deal to support aviation workers and stop the furloughs.

We cannot stress enough how urgent it is to keep calling your senators every day for as long as negotiations continue. It only takes a few minutes. Just CLICK HERE and we'll connect you.

In the meantime, we have a new update for furloughed members.

The AA system does not allow furloughed members to be added to or remain on the transfer list. If you wish to request a transfer, you must complete this form and send it via fax or email to the number or address below according to your position:

For CSA, CAR, Club Rep, and CSC
FAX: 817-963-5475

This applies to new transfer requests and old requests that were on file. All requests that were on file were dropped when the furlough was awarded and will not be reinstated unless you file the form per the above instructions. 

In the meantime, please keep calling your senators and stay safe.