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Contract Implementation Timeline

The bargaining committee has been meeting with American Airlines to create a timeline to schedule all the changes in the new contract, pursuant to the implementation agreement. The Company is working to have all the changes in effect as soon as possible, however some require intense programing and take a little longer to implement. We will keep you updated as we work through all the changes.

Changes that take effect now:

Article 3 – Recognition and Scope

  • Management working in class 1 and class 2 stations only when an agent is not readily available (Article 3.b.3)
  • Thirty-five and under stations (Article 3.E)

Article 5 – Hours of Service

  • The five (5) minute work readiness period for Reservations employees
  • The new minimum rest periods between shifts (9 hour / 8 hour (HBR))
  • The provisions in the CBA regarding electronic notification of shift trade cancellations for reservations

Article 6 – Customer Service Overtime

  • The overtime break scheduling and break schedule
  • Overtime bypass – paid

Article 7 – Reservations Overtime

  • The overtime break scheduling and break schedule provisions
  • Overtime bypass – paid
  • Sunsetting of future mando
  • Cancellation of overtime 3 hours for Company, 1 hour or local policy for agents.
  • The overtime eligibility provision for employees scheduled off for a partial shift for voluntary overtime off (Article 7.C)

Article 9 – Filling of Vacancies

  • The unpaid time off provisions for transfer relocations (Article 9.K.5)

Article 18 – Sick Leave

  • Sick leave bank increase to a maximum of 1,600 hours (Article 18.D)

Signing bonus will paid out in a separate check on March 18, 2024