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Bargaining Update Follow-Up

We have received messages from some members asking why our bargaining updates do not have more detailed information about negotiations. We understand members' concerns and your desire for transparency. Our mission is to release as much information as possible without undermining our primary goal of winning significant improvements in our next contract. Negotiating in public by releasing the specifics of our proposals would diminish our leverage at the table.

Our current contract has 36 articles, and we will make 38 proposals (although not all at once). Rest assured, our proposals are based on members' responses to the bargaining survey which we conducted last spring. They include significant wage increases, more affordable healthcare, limits on mandatory overtime, stronger safety protections, and better language around transfers, overtime, and swaps. We are committed to fighting as hard as we can for an agreement that reflects the respect that agents deserve.


At the same time, we need your visible support to demonstrate to the company that members are united and willing to stand together for a fair contract. So, keep sending us your Solidarity Selfies by email to Stay informed, wear your union pins, and be sure to get involved in upcoming mobilization actions.


Remember, we're stronger together.