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Bargaining Update #3

10 Nov, 2022

Our CWA-IBT Association Bargaining Committee met with American Airlines management on November 1-3 in Dallas in our second round of bargaining for a new contract.

The Company responded to several of the proposals presented by our Bargaining Teams last month and made new proposals regarding the following articles:

  • Article 1, Purpose of Agreement
  • Article 7, Overtime Reservations
  • Article 8, Seniority 
  • Article 10, Temporary Employees 
  • Article 22, Probation
  • Article 25, Grievance Procedure
  • Article 26, System Board 
  • Article 30, Health & Safety
  • Article 32, Call Monitoring

Our Bargaining Teams made counter proposals regarding the following articles:

  • Article 1, Purpose of Agreement
  • Article 8, Seniority
  • Article 10, Temporary Employees
  • Article 22, Probation
  • Article 25, Grievance
  • Article 26, System Board

After exchanging proposals, we reached tentative agreements on four articles:

  • Article 1, Purpose of Agreement. New language would require the Company to discuss any changes to the Agreement with the Union.
  • Article 8, Seniority. A change in pronouns with no change in meaning.
  • Article 10, Temporary Employees. New languages would require the Company to discuss with the Union the number of employees and the duration to be filled within the duty assignment. The language would protect current employees from being displaced as defined in the contract.
  • Article 22, Probation. New language would allow members to bid when qualified.

Picture This! Members in District 6 Standing For WORK LIFE BALANCE 

CWA Members Demand Work-Life Balance


While the Bargaining Teams were at the negotiating table, more than 1,100 members at the Reservations Center and airports across District 6 took action to demand work-life balance, which is one of the top concerns for agents. Members at the DFW Reservations Center posted pictures with the WORK LIFE BALANCE red picture frame on social media to drive home the point.

Petition for work-life balance

Member Mobilizers at DFW RES collected more than 800 signatures on the petition and delivered it to the Company’s Bargaining Team. Mobilizers at DFW ATO collected 300 signatures, which they delivered to the General Manager. And mobilizers at SAT, TUL, OKC, and STL collected signatures as well. At some stations, managers refused to accept our petition from members, and clearly did not know how to respond. Nonetheless, it was clear that American management took notice and heard our message loud and clear, that Work Life Balance is an issue members are willing to fight for.

Our next bargaining session is coming up on January 16-18 in Dallas.

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