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Bargaining Update #2

Our CWA-IBT Association Bargaining Committee met with American Airlines management on October 4-6 in Dallas in our first round of bargaining for a new contract.

The American Airlines Committee included Lynn Vaughn, Director of Labor Relations; Jerry Glass, Chair; Linda Brochetti-Kirby, Labor Relations; Cindy Meister-Diaz, Labor Relations; John Kashchy, Airports; Maryam Ali, Reservations; Sarah Mahood, Premium Service; Ellen Perlioni, Legal Airport; and James Cespedes, Legal Reservations. We are now in bargaining at the same time as the Allied Pilots Association (APA) and the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA), who have been bargaining since the start of the pandemic.


In this first round, our union presented proposals on:

Article 1, Purpose

Article 3, Recognition & Scope

Article 5, Hours of Service

Article 6, Customer Service Overtime

Article 7, Reservations Overtime

Article 10, Temporary Employees

Article 17, Leaves of Absence

Article 22, Probation

Article 23, Uniforms

Article 25, Grievances

Article 26, System Board

Article 30, Safety


The company responded to Articles 1, 10, 17, and 30. However, no agreements were reached.

The support for our bargaining teams shown by members from across the country has been incredible. What a show of solidarity! Check out some of the great pictures we received by clicking here.

Keep sending in your pictures to When you post your own Solidarity Selfies on social media, use our hashtag #AAFairPay so we can share them.

Our next bargaining session is coming up on November 1-3 in Dallas.

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