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Assault Protection for Passenger Service Agents Passes House

27 Apr, 2018

Now It's Time for Senators to Pass Protections Too!

Click here to tell your Senators to protect passenger service employees right now!

Tensions keep increasing at U.S. airports, with agents on the front lines facing travelers’ frustrations over delays, baggage fees, and other airline policies. When passengers lash out and become disruptive, verbally and physically abusing agents, we need protection. Take action for airport safety by clicking here and asking your Senators to pass the FAA Reauthorization bill, which includes important new protections for agents.

As of April 27, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed the Reauthorization—a major victory for airline agents everywhere. Now we’re ready to clear the final hurdle in the Senate and your help is the key. We’ll win if we all write our Senators today!

A Win in the House Years in the Making
We're incredibly proud of passenger service professionals across the country who gathered signatures on petitions; met with members of Congress in their districts and in Washington, DC; and talked one-on-one with officials in the Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, and Transportation Security Administration. The language in the House bill was developed with input from agents. If passed by the Senate and signed by the President, the bill would ensure that airlines develop clear procedures for:

  • Reporting verbal and physical abuse of agents,

  • Immediately notifying law enforcement, and

  • Stopping passengers involved in violent incidents from proceeding through security before law enforcement officers have assessed the situation.

Our fight goes back to 2001, and we’re almost there. Please click this link, and contact your Senators today. Send them a message to vote “yes” on the FAA Reauthorization bill to keep all passenger service agents safe on the job so we can keep the flying public safe too.


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