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American Plans to Restructure Reservations

04 Oct, 2019

The CWA/IBT Association of Passenger Service Employees has been informed of a restructuring plan announced by American Airlines. American plans to move all reservation agents into an office over the next two years and close Reno Res in March 2020.

Under the terms of our contract, every agent will be offered a job at a center they choose: INT, DFW, or PHX.

We recognize this imposes a severe hardship for members that would need to move to one of these locations or come into an office. Part-time agents will be given relocation benefits in the same manner as full-time agents per the contract, and job placement services will be provided.

The CWA/IBT Association will continue to engage the company to make sure that American follows the terms of the contract, and we will fight for changes in the plan to help make the transition easier for our members. 

If you have questions about the plan and the benefits available to you under our contract, please contact your local.


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