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American Airlines Announces Furloughs in Passenger Services Group

American Airlines has notified our union of their intent to furlough 1,085 positions in our group. This is in the CSA/CSC, CAR, and Premium Services groups.

There will be at least two rounds. You may not be affected in the first round and therefore would not have received a notice. However, if a member with higher service puts in a displacement bid, you could be affected and would receive a furlough notice in the second round.

Please see the CWA-IBT Association Collective Bargaining Agreement for full information on the furlough process or call your local union representative. Our agreement permits a member to list a displacement bid for any location where there are employees in the group. All locations are listed on the RIF tool, which is a drop-down box that you can access from Jet Net. If you are affected in the first round, you should have received an email in your company email with directions and a link to the tool.

Click here to view a list of the vacancies in the system and junior stations to help you make a decision. Do not list a displacement bid if you will no move to that station. You must place a bid by Wednesday, September 2. If you have received a notice and do not place a bid by that date, you will be furloughed with recall rights. Details of relocation pay can be found in the collective bargaining agreement.

Whatever your future holds, we wish you the best of luck. Stay safe. If you have questions, please call your local union representative.

In unity,

CWA Agents